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I've loved computers as long as I could remember. Even *before* I could start to remember my own life. My family tells me I learned how to be able to type enough to be able to access a few websites like the Cartoon Network website, when I was 3. I was able to surf the web alright enough since I was 4. I learned how to type full sentences quickly from playing Runescape when I was 6. Computers always were just a natural interest of mine; just a fact of my life.

I always wanted to do something *more* with computers over the next years of my life, to learn to code, but I just didn't know how I'm possibly supposed to do that, how I would even get started, especially just knowing that I was a kid and it seemed like that sort of thing is more of adult stuff. However, I would finally get a real oppurtunity at being able to take it upon myself to learn to be a programmer when I'd finally earned my own powerful computer by getting into a really difficult middle school program which would essentialy allow me to start and finish high school earlier. I could finally do it, I didn't have to be too scared of trying to do too much in fear of breaking the family computer or anything, I could finally do what I wanted.

I would learn the very basic basics of Python over some of that summer, I was considering trying some online course that'd be able to teach me more, trying to find anything external I could do that would be willing to teach 12 year olds, I was pretty set on finally becoming a programmer. However, that very difficult school program would eventually start, and it was very quickly harder than anything I've done before in school, and it essentially being the same atmosphere as highschool was a lot to take in for me. Too much. It was very quickly overwhelming and I basically had to immediately abandon any interest I had in programming because I could already only barely do well enough in that school I was in.

I would deal with this for quite a while and I would kind of completely forget about my passion for coding in the years after, until last year. I started to learn more about coding again because of some friends who were very interested in that, as well as realizing programming is some of the only work I could truly see myself doing and enjoying. I could use code for so much good, use it for creative endeavours even if I wanted, just so much. I finally attempted again for the first time since middle school to teach myself some coding, little by little throughout this year, until finally feeling confident enough in wanting to start *and* being able to commit to a coding bootcamp.

I am very glad to have an oppurtunity to make something of this with Coding Temple, and I can't wait to see where this brings me.



Video games have always been a large part of my life, hand-in-hand with my love for the internet, the 2 reinforcing each other because of how much more I learned to love games due to the internet. Games made me passionate about art and human creativity as a whole. I would say the 2 biggest things in my life that would evolve how I see games and so much else surrounding them as a whole were when I found out more about Youtube, and when I found out about Melee.

Finding out about games on youtube as a kid was great because it showed me the million different ways you can think about it all, artfully, design wise, what went into the creation of it, all this stuff that I never would've put too much thought into before I found all of this. It was endlessly amazing and interesting to me how deep that all goes, how much love and effort goes into it all. Hearing how they get the ideas for this, their inspiration from other media, how they could manage to get innovative ideas to work, all of that. It also just showed me plenty of other games and stories that I would've likely never found out about on my own, introducing me and having me learn so much.

Finding out that Melee, the first game I ever remembered playing as an infant, is still being played by thousands of people to this day and getting so much support from everyone, solely for the fact that it is that beautiful of a game that the players wanted to take upon themselves to support as much as possible, even to this day, is absolutely amazing and the community still has had one of the biggest impacts on my life. It not only taught me just how players themselves can gather around and love a game so much, but also the reason behind it, which is the infinite amount of depth the game has to the point where people are still learning new things to do in the game to this day; in a game that has never been patched in 21 years. It made me appreciate games and all their weird "imperfections" that allow such weird but fun things to happen to the game, through exploits and glitches that actually enhance the game.

Games have always been one of my biggest hobbies in my life still to this day, and I would love to also learn to program so I could eventually be able to program something my self, because I have had way too many ideas throughout my life that I would love to actually make something of.

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